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Fondazionecmm announces its art director

Raffaele Quattrone named to new position of Fondazionecmm art director



ROME, July 1, 2015 — Fondazionecmm announced the opening of Fondazionecmm Associazione per l’Arte e la Cultura, an association founded with the purpose of promoting art and culture through meetings, debates, courses, exhibitions and events open to all those who will take part in it.


Carmine Mario Muliere, Fondazionecmm President, commented “we are pleased that the sociologist and independent curator Raffaele Quattrone, formerly president of the Italian Association of sociologists - Emilia Romagna department, is the foundation art director. His skills, documented by already published and ongoing works, are – for us – a guarantee to organize an exhibition program with International artists”.


Furthermore with reference to the estimate link with the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, the Foundation intends to continue the support to the project TERZO PARADISO already started with the participation of the magazine EQUIPèCO to the RE-BIRTH DAY on December 25, 2014, proposing itself as an <embassy> of the TERZO PARADISO and dedicating to this project an active space.




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