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Kepa Garraza


Don't talk about the end of painting before seeing Kepa Garraza's masterpieces! Well known in Europe for his paintings representing the action of an imaginary group of terrorists known as IBDA (International Brigades for the Destruction of Art) Garraza uses a traditional media as the oil on canvas to give voice and form to an extremist and revolutionary idea that is the destruction of the contemporary art world which is dominated by a market and economical logic. His projects are very interesting also because they are conceived as work in progress to be developed during the years and trough different artworks. His last project is “This is the end of the world as you know it” started in 2013 and on going yet. With the author’s words its “narration is composed of multiple scenes, presented in chronological order, to recreate a story which shows us a dystopic future. A Kind of negative utopia, a future consequence of modern society but with completely undesirable results. This project aims to think about the economic crisis and its social consequences. Also tries to show the constant feeling of no future that emerge in contemporary societies”, from the article-interview "This is the end of the world as you know it" written for the WSI.


The work of Garraza reflects on the nature of the images that we consume every day. Through imaginary scenarios that recreate a parallel reality, the artist invites the viewer to reflect on issues such as the identity or manipulation of information. His ironic visions offer alternative points of view on reality and on the processes of official identification. His works offers alternatives to the reality we know and gives us a healthy exercise: always doubt the official version.

Among his solo shows: (2014), This is the end of the world as you know it. Galería Victor Lope, Barcelona; (2013), This is the end of the world as you know it, MA Studio, Beijing. (2011), Poéticas de Destrucción (with Marina Núñez), Factoria Compostela, Santiago de Compostela; (2008), Because there will be hundreds more of us for each one of yours. Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam. Among the group shows: (2015), IMAGO MUNDI. MADE IN SPAIN. CAC, Málaga; (2014), CRISE DE IDENTIDADE. Museo Fundación Eugenio Granell, Santiago de Compostela; (2014), Puertas Abiertas 2014. Fundación BilbaoArte, Bilbao; (2011), La necesidad del arte, Artium Museum, Vitoria.

CNN LIVE, August 2013, 2013


Gouache on paper, 55 x 72 cm

Courtesy the artist

Protesters 1, 2014


Black pastel on paper, 140 x 200 cm

Courtesy the artist

Black block, 2015


Black pastel on paper, 200 x 140 cm Courtesy the artist

Protesters 3, 2015


Black pastel on paper, 140 x 200 cm

Courtesy the artist

TF1 NEWS, June 2014, 2014


Gouache on paper, 43 x 74 cm

Courtesy the artist

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