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Da grande farò il curatore



From February 20 to February 22 I was in Ameno a little town in the North of Italy to tell my curatorial approach in a course for young art curators. It has been a great opportunity to meet many leading art curators and learn from their experiences.


The Cultural Association Asilo Bianco has organized from February, 20th to February, 22 at the Museum of Tornielli in Ameno a free course dedicated to the role of curator. In the last twenty years, the role of the curator has been the focus of major changes involving the entire art world. The classic professional duties that revolve around the exhibition as a moment for excellence in the presentation and analysis of the artistic processes, were added by curatorial hybrid ones, based on partnerships and initiatives led by artists, interdisciplinary platforms and other forms that defy the very idea the role of the curator in the art system.

The course has been coordinated by Francesca Pasini and Giorgio Caione.

Speakers included: Cesare Viel, Enrica Borghi, Olga Gambari, Progetto Diogene, Alessandra Pioselli, Adriana Polveroni, Alessandro Castiglioni, Raffaele Quattrone, Guido Curto, Corrado Beldì, Eveline Wuthrich, Paola Fornara, Davide Vanotti.

Giorgio Caione e Raffaele Quattrone
Giorgio Caione e Raffaele Quattrone

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