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Mario Airò - SURPLACE


After the work of Marzia Migliora in 2012 for the new edition of TOCCARE L’ARTE the organizers have called Mario Airò, Italian and international leading artist who has created his artwork specially for the garden.

It is an air installation suspended at four meters above the ground, consisting of vitrified magnolia leaves placed in the sky like a flock of migrating birds, arranged along a frame and free to sway harmoniously dancing in the wind. But those leaves do not go anywhere and are an unquestionable reality between heaven and earth. SURPLACE is the theme of forced abandonment of their homeland and the loss / preservation of their roots, becoming a metaphor of leaf detached from the tree that does not fall, does not fly, never reaches the ground, it remains suspended taking an existential meaning universal.

With a poetic approach the installation recalls the problems of migrants, stateless persons, exiles, but also those that are not approved in conformity that society imposes.

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