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David LaChapelle. Dopo il Diluvio


David LaChapelle, the great American artist and photographer, comes back, after more than fifteen year, at Palazzo delle Esposizioni with one of the most important and exhaustive retrospective. There are nearly 100 works on view, some presented for first time in a museum including many large-scale works. Rome has been a milestone in the artistic life of David LaChapelle.

In 2006, during a journey in Italy, the artist has the chance of a private visit of the Sistine Chapel; his artistic sensibility is so unsettled by the beauty and power of Roman art that those elements give the ultimate drive to the necessity of a change of his artistic production. Until then LaChapelle prefers that his photos would be published on fashion magazines and books, without critical texts. The goal has never been to restrict to the mere picture, but to reach the broader audience as possible – this is the way to be a pop artist – and lead the lecture of his work on emotional shock level. LaChapelle pushed his aesthetics to the limit, but in 2006 walked out on the scene. He turned away from worldliness in order to live in a wild island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean “I said what I wanted to say”. The exhibition is focused on the works realized by the artist starting from 2006, when he produces the monumental series titled “The Deluge”, which leads to a meaningful turning point in the artistic path of David LaChapelle.

Photo credit: LACHAPELLE, Museum, 2007, Chromogenic Print ©David LaChapelle

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