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Cosmic Dance Animated Paintings


Cosmic Dance Animated Paintings

Alberto Di Fabio’s new project

From July, 9 until July, 14 we can discover at Pescara train station Alberto Di Fabio first video: Cosmic Dance Animated Paintings. The cell motion, the neuron impulses, the photons rays are driven fron singer Heather Nova’s voice. The animations originally created to accompany Heather Nova in her European tour are been translated in a video installation of 8 minutes.

With this background Alberto Di Fabio since over 20 years has been exploring the imagery of science through painting. With his practice the art becomes a magnifying glass through which what is small and invisible becomes big and visible and vice versa what is big and visible becomes small and invisible in a game that continually reverses the microscopic and macroscopic vision of the world and life inviting us to reflect on our perception of the world seeing additional layers of meaning beyond the appearances of everyday life.

One of the most beautiful characteristics in life is to feel emotions, to marvel, to be surprised because not everything can be demonstrated, not everything can be understood through the reason. In this sense we should rediscover and practice all the curiosity with which Di Fabio investigates the foundations of life, material and spiritual at the same time, so that also we can see that cosmic dance of energy that is the life and soul of the universe.

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