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Luca Tommasi is glad to announce Aura, a solo show by Alberto Di Fabio. The exhibition will be on view at the gallery venue of via Tadino 15, Milan, from 22 September until 19 November. About ten recent acrylics on canvas of medium and large size will be exhibited, together with a selection of smaller works on paper.

Alberto Di Fabio, who has become one of the most renowned Italian contemporary artists over the last few years, is the author of abstract paintings based on precise iconographic and thematic references. The dialogue between micro- and macrocosms is one of the main features of his works. On his canvases, the flow of different forms is a reference to physics and at the same time to the human being; all of these elements are to be understood as linked to cosmic space. Among the themes exploited by Di Fabio in his recent series of works, we find: mountain landscape as a symbol of mental elevation (in the exhibition at the Fondazione Menegaz in Castelbasso, 2014); the cosmos and the sublime ambition of travelling through it (Macro, 2015); a dialogue with Renaissance humanistic culture (in the show Cosmic gate, in different historical locations in Ferrara – June/July 2016).

The solo show in Milan includes a selection of recent canvases and works on paper. In these works, Di Fabio

come back to the subject of the human being: the inspiration comes from "the possibilities of our mind, her

aura and her magnetism", as he explains. In referring on a symbolic level to such different fields as mathematics, religion, philosophy and poetry, "paintings invoke a reconciliation between rational thinking and instinctive and creative activity, between the left and right hemispheres of the brain". The paintings also evoke the relationship between interior and exterior, between the individual and the context, that dominates him and at the same time exhilarates him. In so doing, they produce reflections about the place that man can carve out for himself in the restricting contemporary world. On a stylistic level, the works in this show represent an additional evolution in Di Fabio's path: signs fit harmoniously into a pictorial plot which is even more developed and elaborated than in the past. But the creative impulse is, as always, supported by a rigorous structure. The contrasts that can be found in paintings – between fullness and emptiness, light and dark, incisive signs and pictorial gestures – give life to a systematic language, almost an alphabet to be deciphered in one painting after another.

Alberto Di Fabio (Avezzano, 1966) lives and works in Rome and New York. After studying at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Rome, he underwent further training by attending Cy Twombly's and Alighiero Boetti's ateliers. In USA he is represented by Gagosian galleries. He has taken part in many prestigious group shows and has held solo shows in important institutions. To mention just a few: 2012 Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome; 2013 Estorick Collection, London; 2014 CERN, Geneva; 2015 MART Rovereto; 2015 MACRO, Rome. The exhibition will be open from Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm to 7pm. Italian/English catalogue published by Silvana Editoriale. Closed on 14-15 October.

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