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SLOWLY elogio della lentezza


This is the first show of Fondazionecmm, a new no profit organization created with the aim to promote art and culture. Fondazionecmm was founded in May 2015 by Carmine Mario Muliere with his experience as director of Equipèco an Italian-English quaterly art magazine. For this first show the curator returns on some topics characterizing his curatorial practice like the idea that art can be a way out to a bureacratic and economic world, the relation ethics/aesthetics, the valorization of the humanistic culture. The central idea of the exhibition, with artworks from Equipèco collection like Getulio Alviani, Piero Dorazio and Vettor Pisani in dialogue with the new acquisitions and some leading comtemporary artists, is that the slowness understood not like laziness or inertia but like a more natural and healthy lifestyle has to be considered a better way out from the years of crisis we are living.

From the Emperor Augustus’ motto “Festina lente” (hurry up slowly!) to the turtle with the sail painted by Vasari to represent Cosimo de’ Medici’s way to act the invitation to the slowness arrives until today with the celebration of the world-wide day of the slowness on May,13. Our society is always in a hurry. Often without a real need. Often without a goal. A speed that in the majority of the cases becomes impossibility or refusal to ponder choices in an aware way but very often in a mechanical one based on consumer and post-capitalistical social models. According to Ludwig Wittgenstein “the winner of the race is the one who can run most slowly”. Luis Sepulveda has dedicated a recent book to the “story of a snail who discovered the importance of being slow” asserting “when a human made thorny questions like “is it necessary to go in a hurry?” the others called him rebel”. Lamberto Maffei president of the Accademia dei Lincei and chief director of CNR neuroscience Institute has recently published a “Praise of the slowness” arguing scientifically how our brain is essentially a slow car.

In a world characterized by frenzy, haste and speed the slowness cannot be understood as a waste time but can become an alternative value, a new form of resistance, a revolutionary gesture.


Artists: Getulio Alviani, Bruno Ceccobelli, Alberto Di Fabio, Piero Dorazio, Enzo Lisi, Claudio Marini, Alessandro Moreschini, Carmine Mario Muliere, Sabrina Muzi, Vincenzo Pennacchi, Chiara Pergola, Vettor Pisani, Michelangelo Pistoletto per Love Difference


At the opening of the exhibition it will be a musical performance by Max Fuschetto



SLOWLY. Elogio della lentezza

October,10-November, 29 2015

fondazionecmm, San Cesareo (Rome)

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue

including texts by Raffaele Quattrone


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