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Zino - Luogo comune | Common place




“Zino tells his vision of the "set phrase society" through a selection of images whose surface was partly decomposed, "pixelated" through the use of Lego bricks. In this sense he assimilates the "simplified phrase society" with the "simplified image society" reconnecting to the tradition that has in Debord (the society of the spectacle), Baudrillard and Perniola (the simulacra society) some of the intellectuals who recorded the surrender of the conceptual culture to the power of images that combine the speed of contemporary life with the contemporary complexity. But Zino's contribution is not limited to a citationism end in itself providing the involvement of the viewer in search of a reflection beyond appearances, to a reawakening of our critical sense. In this sense his contribution could be likened to the augmentative communication modes using technology advanced utilities to involve people to create new forms of relationship and communication. With this aim the images are implemented with the augmented reality technology allowing viewers access to additional interactive contents directly from their device by the help of a specific app”, from the text “Non-luoghi comuni. L’arte aumentativa di Zino” written for Zino's solo show in Milan.

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