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Haute Parfumerie

Raffaele Quattrone è testimonial dei profumi Christopher DiCas Haute Parfumerie

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Christopher DiCas campaign 2023
Advertising Campaign 2023

"Christopher DiCas Extracts" is a project created by Christopher DiCas, a Greek artist whose life revolves around art, psychology, and marketing. The project includes Christopher DiCas Le Parfum
and 69 Le Parfum (a limited edition of 500 bottles for each fragrance). Two harmonious and complex perfumes have been created like works of art, using the Septimus Piesse music system. Thanks to the concentration of 25% essential oils, these perfumes have an effect that renews itself on the skin depending on body temperature, and it lasts the whole day. The relationship between Christopher DiCas and me is not a relationship between a testimonial and a brand. It is a glimpse into the perfume world that is also a creative world as we said before. For Christopher DiCas in this photographic campaign, shot by Fabrizio Scopece, I embody the values of Christopher DiCas — that is, those of a generation of creative people who work hard to follow their passions. For me, it is to be part of a world where we use smell instead of sight, a sense that, in the contemporary world, has cannibalized all the other senses. So, it is a way to reverse our perspectives, it is not only a society, but a world that we have to see. It is a world, a society, a life that we can experience with all our senses, with reason, with the heart, with the soul. It is more complex than it appears. So, try to close your eyes and smell this perfume or any perfume; what do you feel? What can you feel?

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Christmas Campaign 2023
(Photo: Johnny Pixel)
Christopher DiCas Christmas campaign 2023
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